National Reading Month at Luther C. Klager Elementary

First-grade teacher Deidra Lapointe, at Luther C. Klager Elementary School in Manchester, kicked off March's National Reading Month by inviting us to present to the entire school the writing process of our book, Bend Your Knees, Louise! On March 2, 2023. We also had the opportunity of teaching the children the sport of pickleball.

We began in the morning, in the school library, discussing the writing process. Imagine our joy when we saw Miss Audrey, a high school consortium student in education, discuss reading our book and finding rhymes from each page in their classroom.

We tailor our authors' school visits to meet the ages of the students we work with. Various stations in the gym allow for lots of engagement while we help them with pickleball. Helping young children learn eye-hand coordination is essential to teaching them how to play pickleball.

We are currently scheduling school visits during March. If you want us to visit your school, please contact us!

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