Promoting the Sport of Pickleball

Jackie and Karen are members of the USA Pickleball Association and are recent members of the new Youth USA Pickleball. They are eager to present the curriculum found in, Let’s Play Youth Pickleball Playbook, provided in the Youth Program Provider Kit to local schools, YMCA and Boys and Girls Club.

Pickleball is a unique sport with its own rules, but some concepts we address are common to all sports-and to living a healthy life, no matter what your age.

Eye-hand coordination
Cardio workout
Strength and endurance
Critical thinking
Health and hygiene
Stretching our limits, both physically and mentally, is a wonderful way to help children grow and to help aging seniors stay active and agile.
We hope to see you on the court one day soon!
To learn more or request a school visit or book reading, contact the authors.
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